Zero 2.0
Zero 2.0
Zero 2.0 LCD
Zero 2.0 folded
Zero 2.0 folded
Zero 2.0 Lightest eScooter
Zero 2.0 Side
Zero 2.0 Front View
Zero 2.0 front light
Zero 2.0 top down
Zero 2.0 parts
Zero 2.0 Lightest eScooter
Zero 2.0 Lightest eScooter

Zero 2.0 Lightest eScooter

$999.00 USD

All New ZERO 2.0 Available Now!


zero 2,0 folded

The New Zero 2.0 may look like its predecessor, but if you take a deeper look, you will find innovation on every level. The brainchild of a collaboration between Zero and nextdrive, the new Zero 2.0 is set to revolutionise the ultraportable segment of electric scooter again.

zero 2.0 screen

Zero 2.0 adopted the design style of streamlining by removing the usual protruding LCD odometer as seen on most electric scooters and integrating it into the stem structure. The result is a stunning electric scooter without any visible wires and an uncluttered handlebar.

zero 2.0 deconstructed

While the smartphone industry is still trying to manufacture a modular phone for the mass market, Zero 2.0 is the first for its industry.

The first electric scooter that can be easily upgraded, repaired and customised. Zero 2.0 empower the end user to swap out faulty parts and even upgrading of battery easily without a need for any technical knowledge.

The new Zero is equipped with an upgraded 450W motor, giving you a smoother and better cruising experience and more torque for steep slopes. 

Zero 2.0 Rear Lights

The dual rear SmartLights runs on external batteries which light up when there is moderate vibration, giving better visibility to all road users.

Zero 2.0 Folding and stand

For utmost convenience, the new Zero 2.0 has a new and improved folding mechanism. Using just your leg to pull the lever backwards the scooter folds up nicely in 1 second without having the user to bend down. 

Zero 2.0 is not just about hardware. The new IOS and Android App allows locking of your scooter using an in-app feature. More information such as mileage, speed and light control can be all done at a touch of a button.


 Specifications Zero 2.0
Motor 24V 450W
Maxload 100KG
Top Speed 25KM/H
Battery 5.2 AH / 10.4 AH
Rrange 15KM / 30KM
Charging Time 2 Hours / 3 Hours
Weight 6.4KG / 7KG
Tyres 5" Solid Rubber
Braking System Microeletonic Control Brake , Rear Fender Brake
Lights Front and Rear
Smartphone App iOS & Android
Warranty 1 Year Electrical Warranty
Availability Worldwide. For Singapore customers, please purchase here.