Ninebot One S2 by SEGWAY
Ninebot One S2 by SEGWAY

Ninebot One S2 by SEGWAY

$899.00 USD

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*Comes with 2 hours of free training.*

Ninebot ONE S2 - The Ultimate Electric Unicycle
Check out the Ninebot ONE video below to see it in action!


The Ninebot ONE S2 is the latest minimaliståÊelectric unicycle or monowheel by Segway. With an incredibly sleek design that is unrivaled by any others on the market, it is capable of reaching up to 24 km/h and has a mileage of up to 30 km!


The Ninebot app also allows you to choose different colors to monitor the One S2's power level, mileage and more. You can also choose from thousands of iridescent colors to light every trip. New ride, new color, new fun!

ninebot one app

The Ninebot One S2's circuit system features a fully sealed design and IP54 water resistant protection. There's no need to worry about light rain or damp roads, just enjoy your ride.

Dual Batteries and a Flexible Design

With batteries on each side of the One S2, you'll always have the power you need.
However, for a lighter load the unit can operate with just one battery, though your speed will be limited.

ninebot one s2 blown up

Safety Features

The battery management system closely monitors each battery to ensure it is working properly and safely. The system can also be set to sound an alarm if your unit is being tampered.

The Ninebot One S2 can carry loads up to 100kg, and can handle hill gradients up to 15 degrees - making it the ultimate and perfect compact PEV for Singapore.

ninebot one safety features

With maximum power output of 500W, the One S2's superior sine wave frequency inverter technology enables safe riding of up to 24 km/h. There are many inbuilt safety features like aåÊlow battery warning system, skid proof tires, intelligent battery monitoring system, speed limit warning system etc.

Lightweight and Compact

The One S2 is so light it can be easily carried as well as packed in your car.
You can literally take it everywhere you go!

ninebot one s2



Max Range (km) 30 km
Max Speed (km/h) 24 km/h
Weight 11.4kg
Power 500W 52V motor
Slope Climbing 15 deg
Water Resistance IP54