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I-Max S1+ E-Scooter

$1,299.00 USD


*Falcon PEV is the official distributor of the i-MAX.
Our i-MAX come with certified Samsung Li Batteries with one year guarantee.* 
  • Award Winning Design - Red Dot 2015
  • Certified Samsung Li Batteries for Long Lifespan
  • Rugged Build with Minimal Free-Play
  • Load up to 130KG
  • Powerful 48V/500W Motor
  • Shock Absorbing 10" Pneumatic Tyres for a Comfortable Ride

Winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award here in Singapore, the i-Max S1+ is the newest and toughest of the well-loved i-Max range. The i-Maxes are known for their sturdiness, quietness and affordability; The S1+ is no exception. With the most rugged build, the S1+ can take a load of up to 130kg. It is equipped with a powerful 48V/500W motor and can go up to a tremendous speed of 35km/h. The S1+'s wide 10" front and rear pneumatic tyres enables shock absorption for a comfortable ride, going through bumpy roads effortlessly. All of our iMax scooters are equipped with genuine Samsung lithium batteries certified for international distribution; So you can be ensured a vehicle with a very long lifespan.

Specifications i-Max S1+
Motor 48V / 500W
Max Weight 130 Kg
Top Speed 32-35 KM/H
Weight 18 KG
Max Range 35 KM
Charging Time 4-6 Hours
Tyres 10" (Pneumatic Front & Rear)
Braking System Rear Disc Brake
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