Kleefer Pure-180 Blue Easy Fold
Kleefer Pure-180 White Easy Fold
Kleefer Pure-180 Folding Function
Kleefer Pure-180 Fold'n Roll System
Kleefer Pure-180 Green Easy Fold

Kleefer Pure-180

$229.00 USD
Designed and engineered in France, we are proud to present the latest addition to our wonderful range of Kick Scooters:

The Kleefer Pure-180.

Kleefer Pure-180

Weighing only 5.5kg, this beauty is built with high quality aluminium and protected with a strong anti-corrosion coating; This makes the frame light yet sturdy.

It's uniquely curved deck and double handle bar gives it a "french touch".The low height and wide width of the deck provides better balance, making your ride almost effortless.

The Kleefer comes with 2 brakes; A fast and precise right brake lever for the front, and a manual one for the rear. It's 7" wheels are built with polyurethane tread and shock-absorbent wheel rim, allowing a speedy yet comfortable ride.

For atmost convenience, the Kleefer has a special Fold'n Roll System. With just a little kick, the scooter folds up automatically in 1 second without having the user to bend down. It also has a Trolley Mode, which means that you can just roll it around instead of having to carry it.

Kleefer Fold'n Roll Function

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Technical Data Pure 180

Wheel diameter: 180 mm / 7''

Weight: 5.5 kg

Size when folded: 1020 x 210 x 150 mm

Deck width: 150 mm

Deck height: 70 mm

Handlebar height: 1020 mm

Bearing: ABEC 7