MUVe [Electric 3-Wheeler]
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MUVe [Electric 3-Wheeler]
MUVe [Electric 3-Wheeler]
MUVe [Electric 3-Wheeler]
MUVe [Electric 3-Wheeler]
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MUVe [Electric 3-Wheeler]

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The MUVe is A 3 wheel electric personal vehicle which will offer the best solution of personal transportation, and transform the way people commute in cities.

Designed in Isreal by a former car designer for Fiat, the MUVe is foldable in under 3 seconds and fits into the trunk of any car.

With front tilt-suspensions, 12-inch front wheels, and a rear driven hub motor, the MUVE solves alot of the terrain problems that smaller wheeled scooters face. With its 10 inch geared hub motor, it climbs and climbs really well. Most urban terrains like grass patches and even slight curbs along the roads are no problem as the front 12 inches of tires are suitably made for such terrain.

The MUVe is among the first 3 Wheel Electric Scooters to be available on the market. It is incredibly intuitive and easy to use and balance on. Powered by a 36V Motor built into it’s rear wheel which will deliver a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph). It is capable of traveling a distance of up to 40KM on a single charge, depending on riding style.
​Weight:           15-17kg (depends on version)
​Motor:             36V InHub Brushless 250W
​Battery:          36V Li-Ion, 8Ah, 16Ah
Range:            20km - 40km
​Speed:             Up to 25km/h
Wheels:           Front: 12.5"                                 
                         Rear:  10"
                         Alloy wheels
Brakes:            140mm Rotor
W:                     48 cm​
L:                      110 cm ​
H(Body Only):  25 cm​