DYU Seated E-Scooter
dyu electric scooter
DYU Seated E-Scooter
DYU Seated E-Scooter
DYU Seated E-Scooter
DYU Seated E-Scooter
DYU Seated E-Scooter

DYU Seated E-Scooter

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An Ergonomic Lightweight Seated Electric Scooter

Falcon PEV is the Official Distributor of the DYU and all our DYUs comes with a one-year limited warranty

Fun and comfort are the guiding principles behind the DYU, a cross between an electric scooter and electric bike.


This beautifully designed ergonomic electric scooter with an integrated seat is fitted with 12 inch tires for a comfortable and grippy ride. 


And at only 12-14kg, the DYU is arguably the lightest seated electric scooter anywhere. 



The DYU measures only about 1 meter in length and can be easily brought up the train or bus without breaking a sweat. 



Adding to that comfortable riding position of the DYU is the 12 x 2 inch tires which are significantly larger than the usual 10 inch tires on other e-scooters. These larger tires offer more damping and grip for added safety.



With integrated front and rear lights, electronic horn and an intelligent battery system, the DYU is a fully integrated intelligent machine with smart app controls. 



Beyond the stylish exterior lies a strong silent drive system in the 36V 250W motor, sufficient to drive its rider up 15 degree slopes. 



Overall, the DYU is a compact personal mobility device that is both functional and stylish. It works perfectly as both a commuting scooter or a leisure ride. 


Check out our Unboxing video here:



Standard Deluxe
Net Weight 12kg 14.5kg
Max load 120kg 120kg
Max Speed 25 kmh 25 kmh
Motor Power 36V 250W 36V 250W
Mileage 15-20km 35-40km
Max Uphill climb 15 deg 15 deg
Tire Size High grade CST 12 inches pneumatic High grade CST 12 inches pneumatic
Brakes Rear Disc Only Front and Rear Disc Brake
Battery Capacity 4.4Ah 10.4Ah
Dimension (unfolded) 1020 x 940 x 505mm 1020 x 940 x 505mm
Dimension (folded) 1020 x 720 x 200mm 1020 x 720 x 200mm
Warranty 1 year limited 1 year limited


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